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Arena Policies and Procedures Updates

Arena Policies and Procedures Updates

Bag Policy and New Screening Measures

The bag policy at FedExForum remains the same (no bags larger than 14” x 14” x 6” are allowed) but X-ray machines are now used to screen all bags, in lieu of manual searches, including ladies’ wristlets and small clutches. There are designated express lines for expedited entry into FedExForum for those choosing to forego carrying a bag.

Face Mask Policy

In accordance with the latest local health directive, all individuals aged 2 and over, regardless of their vaccination status, will be required to wear a mask while indoors in public settings, which includes all guests at FedExForum. This policy is subject to change with shifts in public health guidelines.

Before You Arrive Checklist:

  • Download the Grizzlies Mobile App (turn on notifications, Bluetooth, and location services)
  • From the mobile app, log into Account Manager and Ticketmaster to ensure you can access your Mobile Tickets

Mobile Ticketing

All tickets, including those purchased at the Box Office, are delivered to guests by text or email at time of purchase and guests will self-scan their mobile device at entry. Ticketed guests must download the official Grizzlies Mobile App, then click on the ticket icon and log into Ticketmaster by selecting the ‘my tickets’ option. Guests should always add tickets to their Apple Wallet or Google Pay prior to approaching FedExForum, and phones should remain unlocked and brightness turned up during the self-scanning process. Guests who have multiple tickets on their mobile device should scan their guests through the turnstile prior to scanning their own ticket.

Early Arrival

FedExForum will encourage early arrival for all games and events, and all entrances will be opened in order to allow fans to spread out and reduce entry wait times. Arena maps with available entry points will be located in the official FedExForum mobile app, which is part of the official Memphis Grizzlies mobile app. Guests exiting FedExForum will be encouraged to maintain social distancing.

Mobile App

Both FedExForum and the Memphis Grizzlies encourage all guests to download the official Grizzlies Mobile App, which includes a section for FedExForum, from the App Store for iPhone or the Google Play store for Android devices. After downloading the app, guests are encouraged to turn on Bluetooth, location services and enable notifications from the app that will offer important and relevant information both in advance of arriving at FedExForum as well as tips once arriving onsite.

Upon Arrival:

  • Early arrival for guests is encouraged, all entrances will be opened in order to allow fans to spread out and reduce entry wait times
  • All bags will be scanned with new X-ray machines
  • Self-scan your mobile ticket at entry, please ensure your phone is unlocked and brightness is turned up prior to attempting to scan


Fans will have the ability to reserve a parking spot in Gossett Motors Garage, adjacent to FedExForum, by visiting fedexforum.parkmobile.io/ or through the FedExForum page in the official Grizzlies app. Parking reservations can be redeemed at the Gossett Motors Garage on the day of the event using a mobile pass or a printed permit.

Amenities and Concessions

FedExForum is now cashless and has contactless transactions at concession stands throughout the arena, offering guests the opportunity to scan their own cards or tap to pay with services such as Apple Pay and Google Pay. On the FedExForum page within the official Grizzlies app, guests can also add funds to their mobile wallet for another tap-to-pay option.

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