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FedExForum is located in downtown Memphis at the heart of the city’s Beale Street Entertainment District. The arena is easily accessible to visitors from exits off I-40, I-55 and Midtown I-240 as well as Poplar Avenue and other east-west arteries.

Affordable roundtrip express shuttle bus service and three separate trolley lines also run within a few blocks of FedExForum. If you plan on driving to FedExForum, please consider carpooling and please allow ample time to arrive at your event on-time. Remember, heavy traffic and construction activity in some areas of the city may cause delays and heavy crowds at multiple or overlapping downtown events may require drivers to be resourceful in locating overflow parking.

North from I-55

  • Drive NORTH on I-55
  • Exit EAST on E.H. Crump Blvd.
  • Turn NORTH on Third Street to arena-area parking

South from I-40

  • Drive WEST on I-40
  • Exit SOUTH on Danny Thomas
  • Turn WEST on Linden Avenue to arena-area parking

West from Midtown I-240

  • Drive NORTH on Midtown I-240
  • Exit RIGHT to Lamar
  • Turn LEFT on Lamar
  • Turn RIGHT on Somerville and follow curve left to Linden Avenue to arena-area parking

West from I-240 via Sam Cooper

  • Drive NORTH on I-240 near I-40 interchange
  • Exit LEFT on Sam Cooper Blvd
  • Follow Sam Cooper WEST until it dead-ends at East Parkway
  • Turn LEFT on East Parkway
  • Turn RIGHT on Poplar
  • Follow Poplar WEST to Second Street
  • Turn LEFT on Second Street and follow to arena-area parking

East from I-40

  • Drive EAST on I-40 across Memphis-Arkansas Bridge
  • Exit RIGHT on Riverside Drive or Front Street
  • Follow SOUTH to Union Avenue or Beale Street
  • Turn LEFT on Union or Beale and follow to arena-area parking

East from I-55

  • Drive EAST on I-55 across Hernando DeSoto Bridge
  • Exit to Riverside Drive NORTH
  • Turn RIGHT on Beale Street or Union Avenue to arena-area parking

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